JobStairs – What exactly is JobStairs?

JobStairs is one of Germany’s premier online job boards. Its partner companies represent some of the most attractive and successful employers in Germany.

What sets JobStairs apart from other online job portals?

JobStairs is pure recruiting. It offers users direct access to Germany’s top employers. Jobseekers searching for employment with one of these companies have a fast, easy and clearly structured navigation at their disposal. The job advertisements posted on JobStairs are always up to date while being combined with intelligent search and notification functions. Job ads posted by headhunters or temping agencies do not find their way onto JobStairs. What’s more, JobStairs features no external advertising and does not sell address or market research data to third parties. That is because the website is financed entirely by the JobStairs partner companies.

What specific functions does JobStairs offer jobseekers?

JobStairs features a number of attractive user functions. These include, amongst others, the option of creating and posting a personal résumé. With AI-Match you'll be able to create a job search advert (JobAbo Subscription) with help of a personal profile. Your skills and professional experience will be matched against the vacancies. With the "Easy Job Subscription” service users are automatically notified of suitable job advertisements. For mobile job searches, JobStairs offers users various special JobStairs apps for use with iPhones, iPads and android devices. With the “Jobs Weekly” eMagazine, which has been developed specifically for iPad users, jobseekers receive a comprehensive weekly update of all new job advertisements posted on JobStairs. Best of all, many of these ads are wholly exclusive to JobStairs.

How does one best profit from JobStairs?

With JobStairs, job applicants have the opportunity to search for jobs posted by its partner companies and to submit applications for these jobs directly. Jobseekers are also able to create a personal résumé and to post this job search query with participating JobStairs companies. This special résumé form was developed in collaboration with a number of international HR experts, ensuring that it meets the expectations and requirements of companies and their HR departments. Nowadays, online applications – in particular those submitted via the JobStairs website – are the preferred form of application of JobStairs partner companies, as opposed to more conventional application methods. JobStairs search criteria have been geared to meet the demands placed on a modern online job board by employers as well as jobseekers. JobStairs also offers job applicants a great deal of additional information. There is, for example, a continuously updated section on upcoming social media activities, as well as a special news domain that provides information on events organised by JobStairs partner companies. Last but not least, JobStairs partner companies have also posted more than 100 exclusive videos on JobStairs, making it possible for jobseekers to better inform themselves on the many career opportunities available. This particular offer is unique to all Germany-based online job boards and another reason why JobStairs ranks so highly amongst the country’s job search engines.

Who’s behind JobStairs?

The operator responsible for JobStairs is milch & zucker – THE MARKETING & SOFTWARE COMPANY AG, Bad Nauheim, Germany. Its main office is also home to the online job board’s customer service, marketing and technical development departments. The concept behind JobStairs was developed by DJM Consulting GmbH, Königstein, Germany, in 2002. DJM Consulting are also responsible for the overall coordination of JobStairs. The JobStairs press and PR department is operated by DJM Communication GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany.